The Sequoia Healthcare District should not even exist. Vote for Harland Harrison and Lois Garcia so we can do away with the District.

The SHD used to be a hospital district; the Directors ran Sequoia Hospital. They sold the hospital years ago, but went right on collecting the taxes!

    The strange history of Sequoia Healthcare District
Long,long, ago, before I was even born, some good people on the Peninsula decided their community should have a hospital, nearby. They organized, and they voted, generously, to tax themselves so Sequoia Hospital could be built and operated. Many people were cared for. Many were born. Sequoia Hospital was wonderful for so many decades.

Then, forty years later, the community had grown much larger, with many more healthcare options and better roads. The citizens of the District no longer needed to subsidize a hospital. They no longer wanted to run a hospital. They voted to sell Sequoia Hospital and trusted their elected SHD Directors to carry out their wishes.

And the Directors DID sell Sequoia hospital. But they sold it to back to themselves! They set up a special, non-profit corporation, to buy the hospital, and over which they held seats on the governing board.

Such a strange arrangement, indeed. Even the San Mateo County Civil Grand Jury investigated. So Jack Hickey, an ever-crusading politician, assembled a team to overthrow the run-away Directors and make the District go out of business. Unfortunately, although Jack Hickey won the election, the rest of his team lost.

Undaunted, Jack has tried for years and years to achieve a majority on his Board. If he can only get two more votes on the board, he can do away with the District, and do away with his job.

During this time, Jack has had some success. The District has finally given up on the phony corporation and actually sold Sequoia Hospital.

Yes, Sequoia Hospital was sold and now belongs to Dignity Health. Only one thing; the District sold the Hospital, but went right on collecting the taxes.

With no hospital to even pretend to run, SHD still collects their same tax share. They basically just give away the tax money. Along the way, they changed the name from Sequoia Hospital District to Sequoia Healthcare District so many voters do not realize what the original District was for. SHD grant money is often spent outside the District, because, well, District residents could drive over there, couldn't they?.

If you want to stop this madness, vote for Harland Harrison. Together with Jack Hickey, we can put an end to the tax collection and ask the State and the voters to completely abolish Sequoia Healthcare District.

Hear from Lois Garcia
    Vote for Harland Harrison and Lois Garcia to close Sequoia Healthcare District